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Hand And Bar Rail Profiles
These are only samples. We can match any profile.

Hand and bar rails serve a dual purpose, adding beauty to a line and supporting hand traffic.  It is therefore made of Grade A dry solid stock or laminated stock.  You may notice that handrails are always made in a pattern that discourages their being used as a shelf.  Another interesting fact on handrails is that they are the only pattern run twice through the moulding machine.  This is to insure that both sides of the railing are identical since the hand will pick up variations that they eye will miss.

Toad backed hand rail
Toad Backed Hand Rail:
Used With Doweled Balusters
V backed hand rail
V Backed Hand Rail:
Used With Doweled Balusters
King's Crown hand rail
King's Crown Hand Rail:
Relieved For Square Balusters
Outdoor deck hand railing
A Beautiful Way to Finish Off
An Outdoor Deck
Railroad iron hand rail
Railroad Iron Hand Rail:
Relieved for Square Balusters
Small bar railing
Small Bar Railing
Commercial bar railing
Commercial Bar Railing



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