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Welcome to Blue Ox Community High School
A Project-Based School Through The Blue Ox Village Program

Blue Ox School is an alternative high school program made possible as part of our educational non-profit, Blue Ox Village.  At Blue Ox School, students get a regular high school curriculum with a full component of hands-on projects and creative learning opportunities.  Blue Ox students earn their high school diploma while participating in a family environment, creating original works of art, building feelings of self-accomplishment, and learning valuable skills that will be of use to them in all walks of life.

Blue Ox students get a sense of accomplishment as well as a high school diploma

Students learn through hands-on projects

A Hands-on Learning Experience

Blacksmithing, ceramics, woodworking, printing projects and more at the park allow students to experience success in a hands-on setting. The sense of accomplishment gained at Blue Ox helps the students create success in other aspects of their lives. Students attend the school on a volunteer basis or through partnerships with the local schools, court systems and county employment agencies such as the Community Schools, the Workability program, and the Humboldt County Private Industry Council. 

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Custom wood bowls turned by Blue Ox Community School students